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Discover Our Services

Discover Our Services

Property Marketing

Fill your vacancy faster than ever with our team on your side. We market your property using sophisticated promotional tools and get the word out to interested tenants.

Tenant Screening

We're not only concerned with filling your vacancy, but we want to put the best renter in your home. We screen every application carefully to make certain we're only working with qualified tenants.

Rent Collection

Are you still chasing after late rent payments every month? Get your money faster by letting us handle your billing needs. We send out invoices, collect incoming rent & disburse your earnings.


Make sure your home stays in top condition by entrusting your rental's upkeep to us. We coordinate repairs with tenants & vendors and check that completed work meets our standards.

Property Inspections

We routinely visit every rental in our portfolio. These inspection visits allow us to identify potential problems before they spin out of control, saving you the headache and the hassle.

Financial Reporting

We generate monthly financial reports for your review, making it easy to keep a close watch on your performance. Log into the portal at any time to view your statements and account notes.


Our team does everything possible to resolve issues amicably, but if a tenant relationship turns south, we'll handle the eviction on your behalf. Rest easy with our pros working in your best interest.

Legal Guidance

You could find yourself in a troublesome situation if you ignore the long list of ordinances and housing laws that impact your property. Let us work to keep your home playing by the rules.

Why Choose Blue Sky Property Management?

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01. We Prioritize Your Calls & Emails

We understand our clients want to know the latest about their property; that's why we do everything in our power to respond to your requests as quickly as possible & make ourselves available to answer your questions and concerns.

02. Our Team Understands Georgia Law

Are you paying attention to the long list of property laws and ordinances that impact your rental home? We do the hard work for you, keeping you compliant and eliminating unnecessary financial risks.

03. You Won't Find Better Customer Service

We're determined to not only provide the best property management in Atlanta, but also to offer world-class customer service. Our friendly staff goes above and beyond to keep our clients & tenants satisfied.

04. Atlanta's Best Vendors Work with Us

We've built relationships with the best vendors and service providers in Atlanta, and in many cases, we have preferential rate agreements in place. This translates to good work and great rates for your home.

What Others Are Saying

What Others Are Saying


Marcia is a necessary resource for me. She handles every aspect of your investment. From the difficult task of getting renters, to the even more difficult task of getting paid, she is there to ensure that it happens. I am currently receiving a 25% return on my investments as a result of her hard work."

McPelham, Satisfied Client


Marcia was very professional and made sure I received the proper documents in a timely manner. She was always prompt with returning e-mails, as well as answering any questions I may have had. She was also very patient with me when I needed any paperwork or processes explained."

Candice Bierley, Satisfied Tenant

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Metro Atlanta's Property Experts

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If you own rentals in Atlanta or the surrounding suburbs, you know how difficult it can be to keep your home performing to its full potential. From locating great tenants to handling maintenance and billing needs, managing a rental home is no small feat. Working with professional property managers in Atlanta can ease the burden on your shoulders, giving you the chance to enjoy the fruits of your real estate investment. 

At Blue Sky, we aim to provide the best property management for Atlanta homeowners. We're passionate about helping our clients to succeed, and we work tirelessly so you meet your financial goals. We're not a franchise shop that uses tired management techniques to try to keep your home healthy—instead, we're a team of independent experts who understand the ins and outs of our local market. We use our expertise to make you shine.

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